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Tips and Tricks for Traveling with a Baby

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As we were planning our yearly vacation, I was nervous because this would be the first time we would be flying with a baby.  

Our son was 7-month-old at that time and I looked up all I could find about flying with a baby. I watch countless videos and read blog post after post and made sure I had the essential items.  

We were flying to Florida for a few days and then to California. The flight from Florida to California was the longer one and it was tough on our 7-month-old because he couldn’t sleep laying down. My husband was holding him the entire flight.  

We honestly didn’t know what to expect and in the end our baby did exceptionally well, so well that we had different people complements about how good he was.  

Our baby behaves well when we are in different environment because he is so curious about everything and likes to explore.  

I want to share my tips for what worked, what didn’t work, and what I should have tried to help ease your mind while flying with a baby.  

I also want to note that all babies are different and if you know what works for your baby then that is great as well.  

Do You Need an ID for Baby to Fly? 

You do not need one BUT I would highly recommend to bring a birth certificate with you. I misplaced the birth certificate so instead I called the airline and asked what’s another acceptable form of ID. They told me an immunization schedule will also be sufficient.  

I personally did not get asked for his birth certificate but I have heard other people being ask for it.  

Better to have it on hand to prevent complications that might arise.  

If you are flying out of country than make sure to prepare the proper documents, such as a passport and vaccination records. Also, check with your pediatrician if they are able to fly and  

Do Babies Fly Free? 

Yes, babies under the age of 2 years old will be able to fly for free per one adult. There is also an age restriction of at least 2 weeks but if you have a doctor’s note, they might be able to fly even younger. All that information can be found on your airline’s website. Make sure you check all the policies before flying. This make the process easier and will less stressful when the trip is near.  

We bought our tickets from American Airlines online and we had to actually call in order to add our son on the flight. Other airlines allow you to do this on the website itself without a problem having to call in. 

If you are planning on holding your child then make sure to reserve the window or aisle seat just it more comfortable for you, your baby, and the person sitting next to you.  

Also, keep in mind that if you buy a separate seat for your baby you need to bring the carseat on the plane. Make sure your carseat is up to code for flying.  

Essential Items 

 There are many stylish baby bags and I think my favorite for travel is a backpack style baby bag. The bag is out of the way and doesn’t interfere if you have to hold your baby.  

I recommend packing couple of extra baby clothes and a t-shirt for you or your spouse. This is just in case any accidents occur. I’m don’t think you want to sit on an 8-hour flight with vomit on your shirt.  

Toys for entertainment is a must too just in case they become bored and cranky. There are many toys you could bring onto your flight that will fit nicely into your bag. Just make sure they are age appropriate. I bought two suction toys for my son during our flight. He didn’t even play with it but rather was distracted by the different environment and people on the plane.  

I also packed baby food and formula for the trip and had no problem going through the security, they just had to stop you to test the water for the formula. Only water was in the baby bottles and I would use a formula dispenser.

I read that feeding your baby when you ascend and descend helps with the uncomfortable ear pressure. This is one of the reasons they will cry and become super cranky. I remember making the bottle and getting ready but my son didn’t seem to be affected by it.  

Baby Crib 

When I called the hotel and asked about Cbaby cribs availability, I was happy to find out that they most of them use a pack n’ play now instead of a crib. I think that’s a smart move on their part since you don’t have to worry about regulations on the crib. Also, I feel better about my son being in a pack n’ play versus a hotel crib.

I would recommend calling and just making sure they have what you need for you and your baby prior to your travel.  

They also provide a crib or pack n’ play sheet but I would just bring my own.  

BabyBjorn Travel Light Portable Crib

 If you would like to bring your own crib for your baby, I would recommend the BabyBjorn Travel Light Portable Crib or the Lotus Travel Crib.

Lotus Travel Crib

 They both have great reviews so it a matter of which one you prefer. They are worth the price if you are usually traveling with your baby.  

KidCo Peapod Infant Travel Bed

The KidCo Peapod Infant Travel Bed is a more budget friendly option since I know $200+ can be expensive for a travel pack n’ play 



Chicco Mini Bravo Lightweight Stroller

The only stroller we had was a jogging stroller and my husband and I was not going to bring that with us on our trip. We absolutely did not want to lug that heavy and bulky stroller around. Babies R’ Us was going out of business at that time and I was able to grab the Chicco Mini Bravo Lightweight Stroller for a great price and we love it.

gb Pockit Light Weight Stroller

 My friend recommended the Pockit Light Weight Stroller because of how compact and lightweight it was. He said it was very convienent and was great for traveling.  I was also looking at two other strollers gb Pockit Plus since it was a little bit bigger. They are lightweight and fold compactly enough that you are able to tuck it underneath the seat. At the time we didn’t think it would be appropriate for our 7-month old. I was very intrigue though and will buy it for our next vacation.  

gb Pockit Plus

In order to decrease our item load. we sent the stroller and carseat went with our check bags. You can also take your stroller with you through the airport and just check it right before you board. You have to wait to get it after you land though and that’s what we didn’t want to do.  

Make sure you buy a good bag for your baby seat and stroller because it will be thrown around in baggage and it might be damaged. I thought my stroller was damaged when we came back from our vacation but the wheel part just popped almost all the way out. My husband just had to use push it really hard back in. However, the bag our stroller was in had a big tear due to it being thrown around.  

J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

I made the mistake of buying a cheap one from Babies R’ Us but for my next trip I going to get J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag and J.L. Childress Stroller Travel Bag for Single and Double Strollers since they are more durable.  

J.L. Childress Stroller Travel Bag for Single and Double Strollers

Baby Carrier 

We actually brought the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier because I thought it would be easier to wear him than push him around in a stroller.  

However, that didn’t happen because he didn’t really like being in the baby carrier. My husband just ended up carrying him the entire time.  

Overall, it was a positive experience and I know it will depend on the baby. But just remember they’re still just kids so don’t sweat it because it happens.  

What are you traveling tips with your little one? 

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