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7 Ways to Save Money on Your Baby

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Save Money on Your Baby

During my pregnancy people were always telling me that babies are expensive! 

So, when I was pregnant with my first baby, I started to research on ways to save money. I knew I didn’t want to spend a fortune on baby items that they will soon outgrow.  

Here are my tips on how to save money for your baby.  

1. Buy Used Items 

This is a great way to help not only with your bank account but also with the environment. There are many websites such as Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and Facebook garage sale groups for used baby items. There are also free local Facebook groups where members just want to get rid of items their baby are no longer using. I have gotten great items such as a highchair, diaper bag, baby clothes, and other baby items for absolutely free. 

In addition, you could also go to local yard sales and consignment sales to buy anything baby related.  

Just know what you should buy used and as long as you are comfortable with it. Care seats, cribs, toys that often go into their mouth, pacifiers, and sippy cups are the items I would not buy used. Just for safety sanitary reasons.

There are many websites for recommendation on what to buy new or used. They say mostly the same thing but some does have different opinions about certain used items.  

2. Cloth Diapers  

Disposable diapers can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 per child so cloth diaper is a great way to save money. I thought that before I had my son I would use cloth diapers but we got so many boxes of disposable diapers that we ended up using them. I was also overwhelmed with the information that abot cloth diapers. However, there are many videos on YouTube detailing the process and websites like Kelly’s Closet, which are great resources. In addition, you could also buy cloth diapers used. You just have to make sure to research what to look for when buying used. Cloth diapers can last from one child to the next if they are well taken care of.  

3. Breastfeeding and Formula  

We all have heard the saying ” breast is best” and it is recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics to breastfeed for at least 6 months. So, breastfeeding is another way to save money if you are able to produce enough.  

If going the formula route then make sure to get the generic version that your baby can tolerate. Most of the ingredients are the same but you should always check and decide whether you want the brand or generic.  

4. Puree Your Own Baby Food 

Making your own baby food can be easily done and you don’t need any special baby blender for it. If you have a normal blender laying around then it should do the job. This will save you money if your baby is a big eater like mine. And not to mention you know what you are putting into your baby’s body.  

5. Sell Your Baby Items  

Once my son outgrew certain stuff I either sold it or gave it away to my Facebook yard sale groups or marketplace. You could also give it away to friends, family and co-workers if both parties are comfortable. This is a good way to declutter your home of baby items. I also gave away the items I received for free through the Facebook groups.  

6. Reading  

Reading to your baby is special because it creates bonding time. In addition, it is recommended because it can help with learning later on in life. I do have several books but I knew I didn’t want a library of baby books in the house so I always wanted to take him to the library.  

If you don’t have one already, sign up for a library card and rent books for free. In addition, the library also has storytime, which is great for you baby to be around other people. Reading difference books can help stimulate your baby and also prevent you from reading one book 300 times.  

7. Sales and Coupons 

I have been couponing since my second year of undergraduate. So, this came naturally for me when looking for deals and coupons. There are so many ways to save on formula and diapers. If you pair it up with a sale and coupons then you get the best price. I signed up for email from Enfamil and Similac so I would receive $5 to $10 coupons from time to time. These companies also send samples of their products as well. Also, you can also ask your pediatrician’s office for samples of formula as well.  

What are you tips for saving money with a baby? 

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