Post-partum Items You Need

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Must-Have Post-partum items

When I was preparing for the arrival of my baby, I bought all the essential items and my hospital bag was ready to go. However, I forgot to think about the postpartum items.  

This is often the case for most new mothers. We’re worried about getting things ready for the baby that we just forgot to think about our own needs.  

Postpartum essential items should not be an afterthought. Trust me, it will make the transition much easier if you have all the items you’ll need at hand.  

My husband had to make multiple trips to the drugstore to buy items I needed after coming home from the hospital.  

Preparing these postpartum items a few weeks before your due date is important because you’re going to be busy adjusting to your little bundle of joy that you might not have time to do anything else.  

In addition, it doesn’t hurt to ask your OBGYN about any products if you have any questions to make sure they are alright for you to use.  

How to heal postpartum? 

The healing process will vary between each mother and it all will depend on how well you take care of your body after giving birth. I know it can be hard taking care of yourself while taking care of your newborn baby.  

The healing process can be made easier if you have the right items to help reduce the recovery time. 

How long does it take for a woman to recover after giving birth? 

The first six weeks are considered your postpartum recovery period and every mother will heal at different rates.  

Also, the recovery time will depend how you gave birth and if you had to get stitches after giving birth. I think my vaginal stitches took longer than 6 weeks to heal. That first month was pretty blurry… probably due to the lack of sleep and adjusting to being a new mother.

Let’s get into the post-partum items you will need.

What Items You’ll Need Postpartum? 

Heavy Flow Pads 

One of the things that I did not know after giving birth was that you would be bleed A LOT and for weeks. I bought the heavy flow pads for my hospital bag and I’m glad I did.  

I did not need it while in the hospital because they provide you their own. I used it when I came home and ran out of the one the hospital provided.  

Sitz/Herbal Bath 

A sitz bath is a warm bath for your perineum, which is the area between the rectum and vulva. The purpose of a sitz bath is to relive pain and itching for that area, this is especially helpful if you tore during labor.  

I received a plastic kit with a plastic bag and tubing that fits right into my toilet and I was able to take home from the hospital since I didn’t use it while I was there. I didn’t use the plastic bag and tubing.  

I would use warm water and add in a bit of witch hazel. Afterward, it felt great and clean as well.  

Watching a video made this process a lot easier if you are going to use the plastic bag and tubing with your sitz bath.

You can make a sitz or herbal bath in your bathtub as well. Just make sure you thoroughly clean your bathtub and sitz bath before and after every use to prevent formation of bacteria, which can lead to infections.  

I would highly recommend a sitz bath because the warm water increase blood flow to perineum, therefore, promote faster healing. You can also use it multiple times a day to speed up the healing process.  

Just make sure the water is not too hot as it can cause stinging and burning to your perineum.  

If you don’t have time for a sitz bath then you can use the Motherlove Herbal Sitz Spray. I have never used this myself but have heard good things from my mommy groups.  

Peri Bottle  

The peri bottle made it easier to clean your vagina after giving birth and is usually provided for you in the hospital. They gave me two so I was able to keep on upstairs and one downstairs to make life easier. 

I’ve also seen other moms talk about the Fridababy Fridet, The Mom Washer as well and it has great reviews on Amazon. I would imagine it would be easy to use since you the valve is shaped like a “V” and you hold the bottle upside down.  

I would mix hot water and witch hazel in my peri bottle.  

This helps keep your vagina clean and speeds up the healing process.  

Donut Pillow 

I have heard good things about the donut pillow and should have bought myself one. Its supposed to ease pressure and pain while sitting for a long period of time.  

Nipple Cream 

If you are breastfeeding then a nipple cream might be needed. Lanolin is the most notable brand for nipple cream and it also doubles as a lip balm to help with dryness.  

The package also says safe for babies so I wouldn’t worry about it if you forgot to wipe it off before feeding your little one. However, I would still wipe it off when you can remember.  

Nursing Pads 

Nursing pads for helpful to prevent unwanted leakage. There are disposables or reusable nursing pads that you can use from.  

I used both and would use the disposable one if I feel lazy or going out for the day.  

Nursing Bras 

You also might want to several nursing bras for breastfeeding. They make it easier and fast to take out your breast when it comes time to feed your baby.  

The more breathable they are the better because you want to prevent thrush from forming on your breast. You then can give thrush to your baby, which might cause a visit to the pediatrician.

They can be pretty pricey but if you are on a budget, then try your local walmart. They have a variety of nursing bras for a fraction of the price.


Nursing Shirt or Nightgowns 

This will help with nighttime nursing without taking off your shirt or nightgown. These are comfortable for sleep or just lounging around the house.  

Cotton Underpants  

You can buy these anywhere or ask for extra of the gauze underpants the hospital provides. I really like the one at the hospital since it was high waisted and comfortable cotton underwear. There were two kinds though and I didn’t like one of them.  

This is not the time to look sexy but be comfortable as you adjust.  

Heating Pads 

These will help with aches and pain. You could get the disposable or reusable one where you can heat them up the microwave.  

Another option is an electronic heating pad, which really helps and all you have to do is plug it in. My mom brought over her own as she was helping me for the first two weeks.  

There are many options and any of them will work for you. Just need to decide and pick one.  

Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray 

The Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray is a must have, especially if you had stitches. The cooling effect made the ache and pain much easier to manage for the first couple of days.  

Stool softeners  

I thought because I was going fine at the hospital that it wouldn’t be a problem at home. Oh man, was I wrong… I would highly recommend you have a stool softener on hand and remember that it takes a 12 to 72 hours after you take it to work.  

My stitches almost came out from pushing so much… And it became torture.  

You can buy them online or in any store. They are easy to find.  

With any medications make sure to ask your doctor to see if it’s safe  for taking, especially if you are breastfeeding.  

Tucks Medicated Witch Hazel Pads 

 I line my period pads with the Tucks pads like I did at the hospital and they helped a lot. I bought more when I got home and used them for the first two weeks. 

The cooling affect helped and the witch hazel is an astringent that has anti-inflammatory properties. This promote faster healing time and relief from pain and itching.  

Postpartum Belly Wrap 

I would highly recommend a belly wrap after giving birth (especially if it was a C-section) since it helps with abdominal support, back pain, posture, and reduces swelling. 

There are many kinds of belly wrap, so it depends on your preference.  

The Mamaway Nano Bamboo PostNatal Support Belly Band is made out of breathable bamboo charcoal that is super stretchy and moisture wicking. The velcro makes it adjustable to your right support and compression needs. You can also wash it in the machine.  

Looking for another wallet friendly alternative? NYOrtho Abdominal Binder Lower Waist Support Belt has great reviews.  

You can see if the hospital has one that you can use and take home.  

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Pain Medication

 I was taking an over the counter Motrin to match what I was taking in the hospital. The doctor prescribes another pain reliver but I didn’t want it and had Motrin at home. Motrin not only helps with pain but had anti-inflammatory properties as well.  

Make sure you have Motrin ready beforehand at home to make sure you don’t have to run out to the store.  

Perineal Cold Packs 

The cold packs in the hospital felt amazing after birth. You can make your own or buy cold packs . Especially, if your perineal is swollen and feels hot.  

Cooling Breast Pads 

If you’re breastfeeding then your breast will become tender during engorgement and a great way to help with that is a heating or cooling pad. Earth Mama Booby Tube Nursing Pack is an organic cotton hot or cold pack.  

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  1. The dermoplast spray, witch hazel pads, and nipple butter were LIFE SAVERS!

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