Must-Have Newborn Baby Items

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Walking down the baby aisle can be daunting since there are hundreds of baby items to pick from, which made it harder for the baby registry.  

I asked many friends and family members their baby items they could not live without and I got a lot of mixed answers. However, there was a consensus on many baby items as well.  

Here is my list of what you would need to prepare for your newborn baby.  

Car seat/Stroller 

Investing in an infant or convertible car seat is essential for your baby. However, it can be overwhelming because there are so many options. Make sure to do your research and sign up for recall notices after buying your car seat.  

My son was always in the 80 percentile so he quickly outgew his infant car seat. After, he turned 7 months, we bought him a convertible car seat and it was the best decision ever. Although, he doesn’t being restrained in his car seat, he is more comfortable and not fussy.

There are many car seat/stroller combinations with many modes of use. Like the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System, where there are many modes for the stroller so your baby can be comfortable.  


I would highly recommend buying 0-3 months clothing for your newborn baby unless they were underweight at birth. Babies grow quickly so they will be out of those newborn clothes in a jiffy.

Newborns tend to scratch themselves a lot as well so long sleeves onesies with mittens cuffs are great because baby mittens almost always come off.  



Bibs are important because during feedin becasue milk will tend to drip down their neck and chest. A bib will also help with the multiple changes of clothing and prevent a drool rash.

My son had a really bad drool rash because it was hard to keep the neck area dry. I would change his bib several times a day to help fight the rash. There are multiple cute styles of bibs to pick from, like the  popular bandana bibs are super cute and so are the oversized traditional bibs as well.

Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent isn’t usually the first thing we think of when buying our baby essentials. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not important because babies can have really sensitive skin.

If we use a harsh detergent it could cause skin irritation which can lead to other skin conditions. Therefore, picking the right detergent is crucial in preventing body rashes. Not all baby detergents are made equal, as they can still contain a lot of chemicals.

I would recommend Puracy Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent because it’s plant based and its ultra-concentrated, so you use less detergent per load of laundry.

I also wash ALL our cothes with the same detergent because it make sense. We hold our baby and let them sleep on us (I love the extra snuggles) so washing everyone’s clothing with the same detergent prevents any irritation.


Diapers are always an essential item, whether you are using dispoable or cloth diapers. I would recommend not buying too many newborn diapers because babies grow quickly. Also the size 1 diapers are usually from 8 – 14 lbs, which is perfect since the average weight of babies at birth is 7.7 lbs. I made the mistake of buying a box of newborn diapers and only used 1/3 of it. My favorite brand was Pampers until my son was about 7 months old, we switch to Huggies as they seem to fit better.

Baby Wipes

I’ve used many brands of baby wipes that we received for the baby shower. However, I later on found Water Wipes and I really liked that they are chemical, fragrance and alcohol free. You could also use the water wipes to clean your baby from head to toe.

Baby Bottles  

Bottles are important whether the baby is formula or breastfeed. I used the Playtex bottles with disposable liners. I know it was wasteful to use disposable liners but when you are a first-time mom with a newborn, there’s so much more to worry about. So, not having to wash bottles made it so much easier.  

The only con to this was that when the baby doesn’t finish the milk, it might be hard to determine to much the baby drank. This is because the liner crumples up due to the suction from the baby drinking the bottle.

I then switch to Dr. Brown bottles because I was suspected my baby was having tummy troubles. It helped with colic as well and decrease the number of bubbles in the formula. However, the only thing that was a determent due to the multiple parts that you have to clean with each bottle.  

Bath Time

Water should be sufficient for washing your baby, but if you want to add a shampoo then a mild one like Baby Dove is great as well. I was using Johnson & Johnson but my pediatrician said to switch to Dove after my son had eczema.  

A baby bathtub is necessary to help bath time go smoothly. Or if you decide to bath your baby in the sink, the popular Flower Blooming Bath will do the job.  

Nursery Care Kit 

A baby care kit has all the essential tools you need to keep your baby looking and feeling good. I received one for my baby shower and I used most of the items there. Especially the soft bristle brush, which can be used to scrub your baby head to prevent or treat cradle cap.  

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Electric Nail Filer 

This electric nail filer made filing down my son’s nails so much easier and faster than a normal filer or clipper. Also, the filer does not hurt their skin and it has two speed both directions. There’s also a light to help see the nails better.  

I should have bought this item sooner and still use it every few days when his nails get longer.  


A bassinet is great because you’ll be able to monitored your baby during the nighttime. I knew I wanted a bassinet since I would be breastfeeding every couple of hours and the bassinet made it easier  than walking to another room in the middle of the night. I would recommend a good bassinet where the baby is comfortable and secure. Also, you could buy a separate bassinet mattress if yours is not comfortable.  


At first, I did not want a crib because I decided to co-sleep but then a friend highly recommend that I should get one just in case it didn’t work out. I thought about it and put it on my registry and it was the best decision I could have made. The crib can also transition to a toddler bed as well, which is very convenient.

Crib Sheet and Mattress 

Many of the cribs do not come with a mattress, you would have to purchase them separately. I bought my mattress online and Burlington carries them as well. And crib sheets can be bought from anywhere. Walmart has crib sheets for a good price. It always good to multiple because you want to wash and change them regularly.  

Pack n Play 

We used the Pack n’ Play daily because it was placed in our living room. We used to as a changing and napping station.  

They also fold compactly for easy portability and travel. I later bought a Joovy Room 2 Portable Play Yard because my baby was getting bigger and didn’t have much room to move in the normal size pack n play. Now my baby has nearly 10 square feet to play and that is including a lot of his toys.  

I would recommend pack n’ play fitted sheets because your baby will drool and spit up on the mattress and after a while, it will look spotty like ours did if it’s a light color.  

Baby Monitor  

There are many brands of baby monitors out there and the one I decided on was the Angel Care AC401 Baby Monitor (not available to purchase anymore) that monitors both their movement and breathing. I also like that the monitor had an option to not pick up the white noise machine but only when the baby cries. I was also thinking of getting the Angelcare Wireless Baby Movement and Video Monitor. 

Or if you are in the market for a has sleep reports then Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount were ranked best overall baby monitor by The Bump for 2018. But it comes at a very expensive cost.  

If you’re looking for a cheaper baby video monitor, the  Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor has more than 24K reviews with a score of 4.5 stars.


A cool mist humidifier adds moisture into the air to help with irritated dry skin and loosen up mucus so your baby can sleep more comfortably.  

My son has congestion until he was a few months old.  I was always worried but the pediatrician said nothing was wrong and that it’s normal. We got the Safety 1st 360 Degree Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier and I love that it runs throughout the night.  


After our first baby was born, we asked the nurse to show us how to swaddle with a blanket. But if you have a hard time swaddling then there are many swaddle blankets that do the work for you. Babies can be woken up due to the Moro reflex (aka startle reflex). Thus, they sleep better when they are swaddled. I know my son did.  

Here is a list of swaddles: 

These are the most popular swaddles. I’ve used the SwaddleMe and it might take a few tries before you get the hang of it. There’s also a lot of videos on YouTube that teaches how to swaddle your baby. The Halo SleepSack was great as well since it was easier to do but my son would find a way to get his arms out.  

Activity Mat 

I would highly recommend this as well since it will keep your baby busy and is great for tummy time.  There are many that also grow with the baby and has different stages that fit their needs. There are actually a lot of them and it is just base on personal preferences as to which one you would like.  

I received a Fisher-Price Kick n Play Piano and my son loved it. It would keep him busy for 20 minutes at a time. But once he started to roll over and crawl it was hard to keep him on the mat. But then I took off the piano and let him play with that. There are plenty of other activity mats as well and at this stage, your baby will like any of them.  

Here is my complete list of essential items before your baby arrival. Did I miss anything? What items do you recommend for newborn babies?


Newborn Baby Items

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