Mommy Facebook Groups You Must Join

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Mommy Facebook Groups

These mommy Facebook groups are a great resource for new and experience moms to connect and share their stories and woes.  

Being a mom in general is tough enough and we could use all the support we can get. So, why not join a place where you get the support and encouragement from thousands of other parents? I know as a new mother we need that from time to time to know that we are doing a great job as a new parent.  

You know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” well in this case it’s an online village full of like-minded people that have been through the same situations.  

Mommy Facebook Groups to Join:  

The Wonder Weeks Facebook Group 

This is like a due date group that follow The Wonder Weeks Book and App. This is a support group for babies born within the same month. You just search The Wonder Weeks December 2017 (or whenever your baby due date was). This is a great group to understand your babies’ developmental milestones and see where your baby is compared to other babies the same age. 

La Leche League 

This mommy Facebook group is a great resource for moms who are breastfeeding. You could find local groups where they meet up and converse. This is a great support group as well for new moms on breastfeeding tips, best breast pump, different form of breast milk, breastfeeding positions, and more.  

Cloth Diapers Groups 

There are many cloth diaper Facebook groups that you could join, from the ones all about cloth diapering like All About Cloth Diapers to Cloth Diaper Swap (B/T/S).  

Local Baby/Children Yard Sale Groups 

Just by searching on Facebook you can find many yard sale groups including one specifically for baby/children. A lot of people are selling on Facebook items their babies no longer use. I have found great items in like new to very good used condition for a fraction of the price. I also have gotten free baby items in great conditions as well.  

Fine out more about the yard sale groups in my post about 7 Ways to Save Money on Your First Baby. 

Cat and Nat Chat  

This is a great group for just daily parenthood grind and talks about everything and anything. They have a huge community of more than 40K members that talks about keeping it real as a parent.  

There is a basically a group for everything. All you need to do is a quick search and you will be connect with thousands of parents to support, motivate and inspire one another.      

I would also like to say that keep in mind that when you ask for advice on something, take it with a grain of salt and do your own research as well. Because not every advice will work for you or your baby. 

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