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How to Use Ebates to Save Money

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Use Ebates to Save Money The term cash back usually refers to benefits for a lot of credit cards, where you would get a percentage of money back for using the credit cards. Ebates is not a credit card but uses the same concept of cashback. I have been using Ebates and other cashback websites for several years and in my opinion, Ebates is the best one. You can navigate easily through the website and you get a choice of payment by check or direct deposit. I have it directly deposited into my Paypal. I used another cashback website that only did checks and I would sometimes forget to deposit it. I think the hardest thing was remembering to use Ebates before I submit my online purchases. Especially, if I am in a rush. But Ebates now have add-ons for both Firefox and Google Chrome.

What is Ebates?

Ebates is a cashback website, that allows consumers to shop at your favorite stores and receive money back every time you shop online. The consumers will be able to save money on purchases they buy daily. Who doesn’t like to save money on stuff you already buy? And it’s totally FREE! In addition to cash back, they also provide coupons that you could use on the website to save even more money.

How does Ebates Work?

The process of getting your cash back is really simple. 1. First, you have to sign up for a FREE account on Ebates. What’s even more awesome is that you will receive a $10 bonus for signing up. Join here for your $10 bonus when you spend $25 in 90 days.
How to use ebates to save money
2. Before shopping, go to the Ebates website and find your retailer and click “Shop Now”.
How to Use Ebates to Save Money
3. This will direct you to the retailer’s website and now you can start shopping.  There will be a popup confirmation that lets you know you are going to receive cash back. How to use ebates macys 4. Complete your purchase and wait for your cash back. Even if you are not buying much, those couple of dollars do add up over time. Trust me! I love that during the holidays, Ebates will have double cash back for the majority of their retailers. This is a great time to buy since you get double or even triple cash back than the regular value. Remembering to use Ebates before completing your purchase is very important because there’s no way to add Cash Back after a purchase. Ready to Join Ebates to start saving money today? Join HERE and get your$10 bonus today! Related: Save Money On Christmas Gifts

Can Ebates be Used in Stores?

When I started to use Ebates, this was not an option. However, it became available in the past couple of years. You have to link your credit card to that retailer and this makes it much easier to save money on your in-store purchases. This is so awesome since you will get cash back from Ebates and if you have cash back on your credit cards then you will be able to save even more money.
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