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How to Save $500+ Monthly with Two Simple Steps

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Saving money is always easier said then done. We can read as many articles and watch as many videos but if we don’t actually plan to implement any of the tips or tricks then there is no point.

After finding out we were going to have our first baby we decided we needed to save money. The financial aspect of it didn’t really hit us until recently because the repayment of my school loans are starting and babies are expensive.

I had to do something so my husband and I decided to pack lunch and stop going out to eat, which saved us $500 or more each month just by changing two things in our lives.


I’ve always known that packing lunch would help me save tremendous amount of money. However, it would only last a few days before I would get tired and quit. This was because my husband was working and I was going to graduate school full time. So we picked convenience over saving money, which in retrospect was a mistake.

I was frugal in other aspect of my life like couponing for cheap or free household items. However, my husband would go out during his lunch break and spend about 10-15 dollars daily. I would buy fast food between classes. As you can see this was not only costing us a lot of money but it was unhealthy as well.

Not until recently, I’ve started making healthy lunches for my husband for 2 consecutive months. We didn’t start to see how much money we were saving until after the first month. This motivated me to keep making lunches even on the days where I was so tired.

Eating Out

In addition to buying lunch we would go out often during the week to buy dinner as well, especially during the weekend. Individually each meal might not cost a lot but when you add it up at the end of them month it cause be an eye opener. I know it was for us!

I started going out only once a week, which we usually save for date night. If it’s something I can cook then I would just buy the product from our local grocery stores.

For example, I’ve made filet mignon with fried rice for my husband’s birthday because we usually go to Sakura Japanese Steak House. I was able to get the ingredients from Costco for less than $40. We were able to eat it for 5 meals (each one contain filet mignon). If we went to the Sakura then it would have been $60 or more after to tax and tips.

There are many great recipes if you search Google or Pinterest.

Overall, we were able to save more than $500 a month so far just by doing these two things. There are many times where I have to resist the urge and buy fast food. I always remind myself I have healthy food at home.

I know there are many other ways to save money but I just wanted to share what has works for my husband and I. Different things will work for different people and you just have to try it out in order to see what works for you.

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