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Best Baby Apps to Make Life Easier

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Best Baby Apps

As new or experienced parents of a newborn, it can be overwhelming. There are so many things to worry and think about, that we might forget something important. Especially if you are running on lack of sleep.   

Well, good thing there are many baby apps to pick from.  

Here are my must download baby apps for new parents or even experienced parents that will make your life easier. These baby apps will keep track of sleep time, feedings, milestones, and many more.  

Baby Activities Apps 

Baby Day Book  

This is a baby activities app that is helpful, especially for first-time moms. Instead of remembering the last feeding or diaper change, I can just record it in the app and forget about it until the next time.  

There is also an alarm feature for each activity to remind you when the next feeding or diaper change.  

The great thing about this app is that you can invite your spouse or caregiver to join the app and have them track your baby’s daily activities as well.  

Available FREE on Android 

Baby Time 

This is another baby schedule app that helps keep track of your baby’s sleep, feedings, diaper change, developmental milestones, special moments, growth, symptoms, nursing, and hospital visits. 

You could also invite your spouse and caregivers to join and record the activities of your baby.  

Available on iOS ($3) and Android (FREE) 

Developmental/Informational Apps 

The Wonder Weeks  

I usually don’t pay for apps, but I definitely did not mind buying this app. The Wonder Weeks explains and shows when your baby is in a developmental leap phase, which might explain your baby’s personality.  

Available for $3 on iOS and Android  

What to Expect  

This is the holy grail of apps when it comes to knowing what to do during your pregnancy.  

However, it also walks you through your baby’s first two years of life with advice and tips from experts  

Available FREE on iOS and Android  


This is an eBook, audiobooks, video, and music app that connects with your library card. I use this to rent eBooks and audiobooks of all kind, especially books on babies.  

You get 6 rentals per month and there is a variety to pick from. 

Available FREE on iOS and Android  

Baby Pictures Apps 

Baby Pics 

This baby app is for editing pictures and contain a wide assortment of stickers to document those precious moments. 

If you want more designs and options then you could buy them within the app.  

Available on iOS (FREE) and Android ($3)  

Tiny Beans

Tiny Beans is a photo journal app that captures memories, baby milestones, and family videos. Your baby’s and family stories are organized chronologically and you can share it easily with family and friends.     

Available FREE on iOS and Android  

White Noise/Music Apps 


This is a music app that you could also use to listen to lullabies or white noise (just make sure to hit repeat). You could use Spotify anywhere and from any device, which makes it easier when you don’t have your phone.  

You could sign up for to premium for $10. 

Available FREE on iOS and Android  

Sound Sleeper 

This is a white noise baby app that has high-quality sound to help your baby sleep. The white noise help to mask other noise that might contribute to sleep disturbance. There is also a Listen Mode that turns on automatically when it detects your baby cries.   

Available FREE on iOS and Android  

White Noise Baby 

This white noise app has different sounds to help your baby sleep or use it as a rattle for playtime.  

Available on iOS ($3) and Android (FREE) 



Baby Monitor 3G  

This app allows you to use your smartphone, tablet, or computer devices like a baby video monitor. This is useful when you don’t want to spend money on an expensive baby video monitor.  

Available on iOS ($4) and Android ($5) 

Frankie Baby Fireworks

I usually don’t allow much phone time but when I do this app keeps my baby busy. Fireworks are created by just touching the screen.  

Available FREE on Android  

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  1. Great post! There are a few apps I need to try! Wonder weeks has been my absolute favorite so far.

    1. frugalsmartmom says:

      Yes, The Wonder Weeks Apps lets me get ready, mentally and physically for a leap. I think my favorite has to be the baby activity apps. They kept me sane throughout the first several months.

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